Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Day!

Well, I haven't blogged for quite awhile.  I have been busy trying to get school straightened out as well as just everyday life stuff.  I also like to have some quiet time when I write down my thoughts, and when you have seven roommates, quiet is hard to come by sometimes.

I am definitely ready to move back home and get to work.  I have some goals that I want to achieve this summer.  One being I want to get down to a size four.  I am in between a size six and a size eight right now.  Yes, I really am.  It's not one of those things where girls are lying about the size.  I found out when I went and got measured for the bridesmaid dress I'll be wearing in Britt and Zach's wedding on 9-10-11.  I'm very excited.  I think that'll be a fun time.

I am excited to try some new things as well.  I want to try some new recipes that are healthy, because I get really sick with the unhealthy recipes.  Hopefully this will be an enjoyable adventure and I'll find things I really truly like instead of just choking the same old things down because I have to.  Among these healthy dishes, I would like to start doing some canning.  We'll see how well that goes..... :s that worries me a bit haha.  I have some other little adventures I would like to pursue as well, but those have to remain secrets for now.

There will be some exciting new adventures for me here before too long.  (Maybe not exciting to most, but I am tickled!)


  1. Ooooh, I am intrigued. What exciting new adventures are brewing? Hmmm. Sounds awesome!

    And since your mom is permanently a size 2 or something, you probably have it in you to be a size 4! (But wow, is that what your gall bladder is doing to you? :) Love ya, Chels!

  2. More of business ventures. :) Just things going on in my mind that I want to start doing. :D

    Haha Mom is SOO tiny! The Gall Bladder is making me eat healthier for sure. So it is probably that.