Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well tonight was an interesting night.  I was enjoying my evening with my Addie friend watching the Biggest Loser as well as Parenthood, and well wouldn't you know it, in the middle of Parenthood, the fire alarm goes off.  Ok, this isn't a big deal because we'll be right back in a matter of two seconds.... WRONG!  Who would've guessed that when we were standing outside, we would be able to see water building up through the window on the first floor.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, because in all that commotion, there are now a few million stories floating around about what happened.  Well here's my version of he said she said stuff.  Apparently the sprinklers were broken on the first floor, I don't know how, but it was in a guys room.... so enough said.  There were buckets being filled with water and hauled out.  The students were trying to make sure the carpet wouldn't get ruined, BUT... it was pretty swamped so we'll see.  They're still sucking water out as we speak.

Luckily, I live on the 3rd floor and nothing was damaged up here.  It's been a crazy hectic night and I am ready to sign out.  Good night.


  1. Oh see, you just didn't want to be left out of all the house flooding fun that's been going on up here in the spring thaw!

  2. It was insane! I guess I shouldn't have laughed at Mom when she told me she had sucked up 188 things of water from the basement....