Saturday, February 26, 2011

Me Blogging? Hm... that's odd.

Never in a million years did I think I would start a blog.  What do I have to say that might interest people?  I am in Logan, UT where being Mormon is pretty much the thing to do.  :)  I love that everybody is religious here, or that is how it appears to be.  Lately I've been feeling kind of out of place about the whole Mormon situation and started talking to my cousin Lexi....(who I blame for me now blogging).  I told her that I feel like everybody here is a ton more Mormon then I am and that they know so much more about the religion then I do.  Lexi told me to read her blog and I did as I was told.  WOW!!!  I was about in tears... (I'm usually not very emotional, unless you ask my older brother).  In her blog she talks about finding herself and having people surround you that are positive influences when you're trying to find yourself.  I've felt for awhile now that I haven't really ever taken the time to find myself and it was neat to read about Lexi's experiences.

Me ending up in Logan was kind of one of those "soul searching" moments I guess you could say.  If you don't know me very well I can be very hard headed, (again ask my older brother).  Chris, my older brother that I've referred to went to college here and constantly tried to get me to come here.  I kept blowing him off saying yeah, yeah, yeah... "maybe next semester."  Well after Chris heard "maybe next semester" about 80 million times, he gave up until BAM!  "Hey Chris, I'm registered in Logan for school."  Chris was pretty excited and thought it was a good move.  Well... here came August and the anxiety of going far away set in and of course I met a boy... as Lexi would say, my "pimpin" skills set in.  The day before I was supposed to leave I told Mom... "I'm going to school back in Billings, MT".  Imagine any moms reaction when we're supposed to be leaving the next day and oh did I mention that tuition, boarding, and everything had been paid for in UT waiting for me?  YIKES!  That was one big mess not only with my family, but with trying to get my parents' money back for everything.....WOW!  So the next year when I told Chris, "Hey Chris, I'm registered in Logan for school."  Imagine his reaction.....  So.... August rolls around and the day before I was supposed to leave, I packed up my things (at least I got closer that time).  Nobody believed that I was going yet.  They all figured I'd end up unpacking my stuff or just leaving it in my car until it was time to start school in Billings again.  (Mom waited until the last minute to pack her suitcase).  August 20th ish came and I was Utah bound.

It was all fun and games taking the road trip to Logan with my mom and (we also picked up my aunt along the way)... UNTIL we were about a hour away from Logan and I was on my phone checking my class schedule.... well that's odd... my phone isn't pulling it up.  I called my little brother Jordan in a panic and had him look up my schedule... Jordan- "Uh... you're not registered." Me- "Look again, I have to be!"  Well sure enough I WASN'T like 5 days before school started and I wasn't even registered.  Not to mention we were like an hour away and I had to tell Mom and Peggy after all the "Yep, I'm going this time" stuff "Oh... P.S.  I'm not registered."  It was one of those moments where you cringe before telling, tell, then flinch waiting to hear the disappointment, anger, or whatever emotion was going to follow.  To my surprise it went over well and Mom is always usually pretty laid back so I shouldn't have been worried.  We continued our trip and pulled into Logan.  I was a frantic mess trying to get my classes and way emotional (I'm usually not emotional) Haha.

Logan- check, classes- check, room- check, friends... wait what?  It started to set in that I knew NOBODY here.  I think Mom sensed my anxiety because EVERYWHERE we went while we were there, "Hi, what's your name?"  "This is my daughter Chelsea."  AWKWARD.... The last encounter was the worst.  It was when I met Tyson.  Haha, not that meeting Tyson was bad, it was just the most embarrassing time ever.

We had a terrible time finding a hotel and finally found one for the night.  Mom went in and my aunt Peggy and I waited in the car.  Mom comes out waving me in and I looked at my aunt and said "Not again."  Well sure enough... Mom made me a friend.  Hahaha!  Well hello Tyson!  I'm so glad that introduction happened otherwise I wouldn't have met a whole lot of people and definitely would have been lost when Mom and Peggy finally took off.

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  1. College is the perfect time to find yourself. I'm glad you're surrounded by people who uplift you and that you've made some good talk-all-night kinda friends. I hope your soul-searching journey continues to go well. I can tell you from experience that building a solid foundation on faith in Jesus Christ is worth every bit of daily effort invested! Love ya!